Purchasing a vehicle represents a significant financial investment, which makes maintaining your new car warranty essential for peace of mind. This involves regular logbook services, following the guidelines provided by the vehicle manufactures.

David Short Automotive can conduct these services for you, ensuring that your vehicle remains both safe and reliable. These services are carried out using parts that meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer quality standards.

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To sell a vehicle registered as ‘Special Interest’, transfer a vehicle from interstate to Tasmanian registration, or to re-register a vehicle with lapsed registration you will need a roadworthy inspection. David Short Automotive is an Approved Inspection Station, and can carry out these inspections for you.

Pre-purchase inspections for prospective used car purchases, along with general safety inspections and defect clearances can also be performed.

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High-value vehicles require a level of care above and beyond what most workshops can offer. David Short Automotive specialises in classic and high-performance vehicles including MG, Austin Healy, Aston Martin and other British and European sports manufacturers.

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Our team of experienced and highly trained mechanics can repair any sort of mechanical issue in your vehicle, including:

  • Engine reconditioning
  • Head gasket replacement and cylinder head repairs
  • Fuel injection and engine management diagnosis
  • Manual and automatic transmissions, along with 4WD systems
  • Clutch and brake systems
  • Hydraulic system repairs and overhaul
  • ABS, cruise control, and various other electronic systems

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If your vehicle’s ride comfort is suffering a little, or if you’re not happy with your car’s handling, David Short Automotive can examine your vehicle’s steering and suspension system for faults, repairing or fitting replacement parts as required.

We can arrange your vehicle’s wheel alignment and balancing for increased tyre life, precise handling and improved road control.

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A faulty radiator can create serious trouble for your vehicle’s engine, making for an expensive engine rebuild. Keeping your car’s engine cool is as easy as keeping your radiator and cooling system in shape.

We can inspect your car’s cooling system, testing radiator, hoses, water pump, thermostat, heater and electronic controls. We will repair and replace faulty parts as required.

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Keeping your vehicle’s exhaust in working order improves air flow through your engine, allowing your engine to perform at peak efficiency. A performing exhaust also makes for cleaner exhaust emissions, and ensures the health and safety of all occupants.

We can repair your damaged exhaust with original quality parts, fit performance systems or manufacture custom systems if required.

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The longer your business’ vehicle is off the road, the more money it’s losing you.

If you need your company car back on the road quickly, David Short Automotive can perform any of its services on company cars, utes or vans, and can also offer fleet servicing for larger businesses.

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